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I turned 18 about 6 months ago, and graduated from prep school a few weeks ago. I'm bored and as horny as Hell for a good sexual adventure, as are my other girl friends, blade symbian. I'm 5 feet 10" tall, pounds, blade symbian, with a well toned athletic body and long long lean legs topped by 35" hips. My hair is a long lustrous shiny dark red, and I usually style it to curl around my breasts in front, and deep green eyes. I have 3 other BFFs.

We all live on the blade symbian block, and blade symbian been friends since elementary school or sooner, blade symbian. First is Meagan, who lives 2 doors east of me on the same side of the street.

She is probably the most personable of our lot, standing at 5'8", about pounds, long curly brunette hair, penetrating deep brown eyes, super legs, blade symbian, a waist as narrow as mine, flaring out to 34"" hips, and blade symbian 36B chest. The houses on our block are all 3 story monstrosities, on huge lots, with a basement, and servant's quarters on the 3rd floor, and usually a built-in elevator. Directly across from my house was where Rachael lived.

She was definitely the hottest and most flirtatious of our group. She had natural long blonde hair, which was 1st confirmed by seeing her bush in the shower, during PE class. She wore a 36C bra, which tapered down to an unbelievable 21" waist, but flared out to 37" hips.

She wore her blonde hair long, as we all did, but usually braided it. Finally, there was little Sarah, who lived next door to Rachael, 5'7" tall, pounds, long chestnut brown hair, matching eyes, and a 34B bust. Sarah put out before any of us, and more often than the rest of us, at least for the first blade symbian years. The 4 blade symbian us formed a secret club in grammar school, which turned into a close and impenetrable clique, which lasted through graduation from prep school, and garnered the cutest and hottest guys in our class, and kept them interested in us by putting out to what the guys wanted to do, effectively cutting out any other semi-hot girls in our class.

I guess we discovered boys in about the 3rd or 4th grade, and foolishly competed against each other blade symbian a handholding walk home from school and a goodbye peck on the cheek. At our little school dances and parties, it was always the boys who chose a partner for whatever activity was scheduled.

As we reached puberty in Junior High School, our breasts developed at various times, blade symbian, during the onset of puberty, and we played Capture the Flag in the Forest Preserve woods at the end of our street. There could have been 20 or 30 kids playing in the game, but whenever one of us was captured, blade symbian were taken to a remote tree, well away from the guy's true jail, had our wrists tied behind a tree trunk, and our ankles tied together.

We were kissed and felt up through our t-shirts and bras. The kissing and petting grew quite blade symbian, before it stopped and we were released. Having been thoroughly felt up, and having our mouths ravaged, we were inevitably released, During that approximately 5 year period, where we continued to play our games, the guys would still tie us to trees, but they went further, and rubbed our pussies through our short shorts and panties.

It was about that same time that my older sister Samantha used to capture and tie me up. She tickled me, until I had tobeg her to stop, and then rubbed my pussy and blade symbian, until I begged and begged her to let me come. Fortunately she rubbed my pussy; finger fucked me, and licked and sucked my clit, until I had come several times. I learned a lot about lesbian sex from my sister. When we turned 16, blade symbian, and possibly sooner for a couple of us, we got on the Pill, because our mother's deemed this a solution to get us off their backs.

By then, we had wised up, and had accumulated 8 of the hottest guys, who tied us up and screwed us, and additionally screwed one or more of us, always using condoms. Why compete for boys? We were the hottest girls in our school, and we knew it, had the hottest guys by the balls, and gave them what they wanted.

We practiced on gigantic strap-ons, and after awhile could do a creditable cock sucking job, and could do deep throat. We searched the Internet and read about sucking guy's balls, and added that to our routines, as long as the guys blade symbian recently showered blade symbian were clean, it didn't matter. At least 3 times a week blade symbian number of our 8 jocks were invited over to one of our homes, and we got tied up, and got our brains fucked out, blade symbian, and we sucked their cocks for as long as the guys could still get it up, blade symbian.

About 2 weeks before the Sybian Duel Rachael's blade symbian bought a new pool table, and had it installed in his basement rec room. Two days later, Rachael got all 4 of us together, and issued a challenge or dare to the remaining 3 of us.

She proposed a winner take all pool game of 8 ball, blade symbian, in which the losers had to spend one hour on her older sister's Sybian, and then become the sex slave of the winners, and would have to perform any blade symbian all lesbian sex acts required by the winning team for a full day.

All of us sexy horny broads accepted the dare, and I became Meagan's teammate only because she lived on the same side of the street that I did. During the time up to the pool game, all four of us did Internet research on bondage knots and how to tie them, as well as various tie-up positions. Every one of us printed pages and pages of info and how tos, and exchanged our findings with the other team, consisting of Rachael and Sarah.

We also bought seemingly every sex toy and gadget that blade symbian might use on the other girls. My older sister, blade symbian, Samantha, had purchased her own Sybian, blade symbian, and one day we borrowed it, and carried it across the street and set it up in Rachael's blade symbian. Two days before that fateful Saturday of the blade symbian game, we all went to a day spa in town, and got manicures and pedicures, massages, and Brazilian wax jobs, which left us as bare, down there, as the day we were born.

We all went out for a nice dinner on the infamous day, blade symbian, though I was cool and relaxed, and ate all my food, and even had dessert. After dinner, each of us went home to get ready and change into our play clothes. I walked across the street to Rachael's house and met the rest of the girls in the downstairs rec room. The Story - We all grabbed a ball, lined up and lagged, to determine who would shoot first or break, It was my partner, Meagan's ball blade symbian stopped closest to the near rail, and she got to shoot first, blade symbian.

None of us knew exactly what the Hell we were doing, and had a rule book for 8-ball nearby, but that only helped with the rules, but none of us had any real skills. Meagan took the cue ball in hand, while the rest of the balls were racked and set in their proper position on the table.

Meagan reared back and slammed that mother fucking cue ball right into what might have been called the pocket. All the balls scattered, and when blade symbian dust had settled, she had sunk 2 striped balls.

Meagan had the right to remove 2 items of clothing from either of our opponents, and she chose to pick on Rachael, with the 36C tits, blade symbian. Meagan and I had to sink all the striped balls, plus the 8-ball, before the other team sank all the solid colored balls, plus the 8-ball, in order to win.

Meagan blade symbian free feelies, a time honored tradition in all strip games, blade symbian. Meagan took off Rachel's top and gave her tits a really good feeling up through her bra. Then she took off her micro mini 8" skirt and rubbed her pussy through her thong, until it was soaking wet with Rachael's pussy juices, blade symbian. After that, play moved along slowly, with ass many shots missed as made.

Meagan sank 4 striped balls in all, and I pocketed 3. It must have been shear coincidence, but all of a sudden all 4 of us had been stripped naked. I really got the rough treatment, when my top, 8" black and wite 8" skirt, padded strapless black bra, and my black thong were removed, and my pussy was leaking like a sieve. Actually all four of us were naked, and we were chasing that stupid 8-ball all over the pool table. Sarah missed her shot at the 8-ball and a chance to win the game.

It became a game of position, and shots that nearly covered the length of THE table to make and win. I missed my next shot, as did Rachael and Blade symbian. I thought that Sarah was left with an impossible table length shot, and she calmly called the far right hand corner pocket, lined up her blade symbian, and cooly made it.

Unbelieveably, Meagan and I had lost, and faced blade symbian hour on the Sybian, plus another 24 hours as the sex slaves of Rachel and Sarah. I crossed my wrists behind my back in blade symbian, and let them tightly tie my wrists behind my back, blade symbian.

There blade symbian 2 Sybian machines. One had been purchased by my older sister, who was now a senior in college, and the other was bought by Rachael's older sister at the same time. I had spent many hours strapped in one of those insidious machines, and quickly learned that the effects and orgasms were much more intense, if I was tied up. The Sybian's were basically like a saddle mounted on a reinforced saw horse. There was an opening in the center of the saddle to allow a variety of penetrating phallus attachments to be added.

As originally equipped, the machine came with a 1" X 7" plastic dildo, but one of our opponents attached. After Meagan was securely buckled into the Sybian, and impaled, Meagan ans Sarah set upon me. They lubed the blade symbian 8" penis phallus attachment with K-Y lube. They forced ne to lift a leg over the saddle and ease down on the 8" penis phallus, until I was completely impaled blade symbian the orgasm giving appendage.

Once I had bottomed on the big artificial cock, blade symbian, they buckled my feet and ankles into the stirrups, blade symbian, and a wide belt was thrown over my lap and buckled down to keep me blade symbian place. Finally, blade symbian, they attached a rope to my bound wrists, and tied it to a handle on the saddle. The Sybian's motor turned on, blade symbian, and quickly built up speed. The slightly bumpy 8" phallus that impaled my cunt began to spin and vibrate inside me.

As fast as it built up speed, it leveled off at a speed that was approximately the speed of one of my vibrators on high. This was good and I was content to just sit there and let the tingling sensual sensations build and over take my body and I eventually screamed and shattered into thousands of fragments of orgasmic bliss. Sarah and Rachael were now giving me their blade symbian attention. At the same time, they pulled my hair, bedimming my head back and alternately ravaged my mouth with passionate fakey makeout kisses, blade symbian, and shoved their tongues down my throat.

This semi-reeal makeout session lasted about 15 minutes, which allowed me to come twice more. When they finished that phase, I was rewarded by being blindfolded and having my mouth stuffed with both Rachel's and my own sopping thongs, blade symbian, and effectively shut up my mouth by forcing a red ballgag behind my teeth and buckled it tight behind my neck.

Rachael and Sarah had Meagan well under their control and let me experience two body shattering mind blowing near passing out orgasms, before they upped the ante. They squeezed my hard breasts, blade symbian, ran their greedy fingers round and round my areolas, and then pinched and pulled, and suckled my nipples. Clamps were slapped on my stiff wanting nipples. The Sybian's speed was turned up into the stratosphere. I no longer knew where I was or who I was.

I sounded like qa woman in labor, grunting and gasping in a staccato rhythm times, and then screaming into my gag, as ifbeing hit by a mammoth labor contraction, which, of blade symbian was my release from another orgasm, blade symbian.

Mercifully, they turned off the Sybian, and let the powerful motor wind down. I had stubbornly battled the Sybian and won a moral victory by not passing out. Rachael and Sarah untied and unbuckled me, and hauled me off the Sybian. Myy legs were like Jello, and Sarah had to hold me up, while Rachael shoved a vibrator up my love canal, and tightly secured it with a double crotchrope. While I was still standing, my thighs and calves and ankles were tied together.

The next ing I knew was that I was lying face down on the carpeted floor, with my nipple clamps and tits grinding into the floor's carpeting.


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blade symbian


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