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Aug 24,  · Game Questions & Answers (Q&A) service lets you ask questions about video games for game consoles or PC games. So ask your The Island Castaway: Lost World question for iPhone - iPad and get answers from other gamers or answer questions and share your insights and experience with the rest of the gaming community. Awem Games develops exciting match-3 puzzle games for the whole family! The Island - Castaway 2 Walkthrough provides you with hints and strategies for gameplay, locations of hidden items, and a quest-by-quest walkthrough. In this game, you play as Yati a young native boy who is trying to discern his calling while coming to the terms of the disappearance of his father and dealing with a group of perhaps not so nice strangers.

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Content s of this game guide may not be copied or published on any other site without permission from Casual Game Guides. Hidden Object. Time Management. Top Franchises. Free Games. Online Browser Games. The Island - Castaway 2 Walkthrough provides you with hints and strategies for gameplay, locations of hidden items, and a quest-by-quest walkthrough. In this game, you play as Yati a young native boy who is trying to discern his calling while coming to the terms of the disappearance of his father and dealing with a group of perhaps not so nice strangers.

Any changes from the first game are basically nonexistent. Some of the animals and vegetation have different names. In addition to food recipes, there are magic potions to make and then utilize. Find a way to earn pearls that you enjoy. Personally I liked catching lots and lots and lots of crabs and would do so by walking up the beach as I traveled between destinations.

How exactly does the the island castaway 2 pour ipad work? If you have not explored an area, there will be cloud covering the area. Once you have met someone, the island castaway 2 pour ipad or she will be identified by a star on the map. There are a few times you won't be able to find someone on the map. Roho likes to spend time being invisible and will pop in and out.

Muze ends up going off on adventures and you just need to wait for him to return. The characters are indicated by stars. When you hover over the star, the name will be visible, the island castaway 2 pour ipad. Character stars come in four colors.

Yellow means that they need to talk to you. Red means you are in the process of performing a task for them. Green the island castaway 2 pour ipad that you have completed the task and can return to them. Blue means they don't need anything from you and are not available for interaction. Also the island castaway 2 pour ipad the map, as you encounter them or get access to them are 4 cooking fires, 2 magic fires, and 3 different shops. I'm tired of clicking all the time. How can I move more quickly?

Use the map. You can click on any character who is not blue, the fires, the shops, the totem, or the workshop. When you do, the map will fold up and you will automatically move at your regular pace to that location. If you see something you want to pick up or do on the way, you just click on it like you normally would. You can then either move yourself or go back to the map.

If you have a character icon to the left, the island castaway 2 pour ipad, you can also click on that and it will open the map.

Hint: If you just need to get somewhere that doesn't have a star, just click on something else that will take you on your path and click for yourself when you want to break away from that direction. For example, if you need mushrooms from the cave, you can click on Roho's fire or shop and sit back and relax until you enter the cave. What happens to my character when I am using the map, my inventory, or my recipe area? You will keep doing what you were doing.

You will keep running or chopping, the island castaway 2 pour ipad. If you are around boars, they can still attack you. This is especially disconcerting if you have stopped and are looking at the map and start hearing yourself start the island castaway 2 pour ipad. Unfortunately opening up your inventory does not stop a boar, snake, or crocodile from attacking you while you are trying to feed yourself.

But on the positive side, you can eat, check your inventory, and prepare food that doesn't need cooking while you are moving. How do I know when I have to find somebody? It tells you to talk to someone on the task list, the island castaway 2 pour ipad. There is a photo on the left side of the screen.

Sometimes you just need to look at the map to see if you can find a yellow star or green star. If you can't find somebody, it might be because they are either under the cloud cover or in a cave. The clouds only go away on the map if you have been there. Should I pick up everything I see? That is your decision. If you do, then you will be more likely to have it in your inventory when you need it. However, you will also be more likely to not enough room in your inventory.

If you are going to try for the gold trophies and you don't pick up a lot of extra stuff, it will take you longer at the end. Personally, I used a middle of the road method. Depending on my mood, I would pick up everything I saw or just keep moving, but I did pick up a lot more the island castaway 2 pour ipad I needed at the time and frequently didn't have to go looking for stuff at the end. Take a look at the gold trophies to see what you need for those. That might help you make up your mind.

My inventory bag is too small. How do I get a larger inventory or get rid of excess inventory? You can upgrade your inventory bag twice by buying it from Wasani, but you need pearls. The second bag upgrade is your first priority from Wasani's shop. You can sell your extra inventory at Muze's shop or eat the stuff that is edible. You can also just throw stuff away by using the trashcan when your inventory is open.

How do I buy stuff? What can I buy? Go to Muze. You can pretty much buy anything except for some of the ingredients needed for tasks. I would occasionally use it for picking up a vegetable or mushroom or portion ingredient because I didn't want to take the time to grow it or use a potion just to get an ingredient.

How does trading at Muze's or Roho's shops work? The items you have in your inventory are on the left side. The prices that you can sell them at are listed along with the quantity.

The items you can buy are on the right with their prices. Also note there is a slider for scrolling down the screen. To start a transaction, click on the item you want to sell or buy, select how many you want, and click okay. You can also move the slider to select lots of items. You will also see a running total of your transactions. You can keep doing this until you are done.

Before you finalize all of your transactions, you will be given a choice to cancel everything. I have more than one task to complete or more than one person to talk to. Which should I do first? Why not talk to whomever is the closest.

This game is somewhat linear. You have to complete all of the tasks to move on and it doesn't really matter the order you go in. The only advantage to doing something more quickly is that you might get another task sooner and can look for those items while doing something else. I would usually try as much as I could to not be running back and forth the island. The walkthrough incorporates this strategy as much as possible. What is up with the wild animals?

They're mean, the island castaway 2 pour ipad. The boars will actively chase you if they see you. Luckily you can run as quickly as they can. If you are being chased, just run until they stop. The snakes don't chase you unless you pick up a mushroom.

The crocodiles are impossible. You cannot get past them--period, unless you have a Protective Potion. Using the Protection Potion will cause the animals to ignore you. You will need a protection potion anytime you need to go through the Marshy Wood and it is helpful to have extras on hand, the island castaway 2 pour ipad. How do I kill the boars and birds?


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the island castaway 2 pour ipad


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